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Posted By: Mike Billo
26-Jan-00 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: Leaving Mudcat too
Subject: RE: Leaving Mudcat too
The fact of the matter is, that even with the VERY capable assistance of Joe Offer, it took 30 min. of constant work to get me reconnected. This followed the half hour of frustration that caused me to angrily start this thread. Apparently, most have been able to reset their cookie with no difficulty whatsoever, but I had a hell of a time even with Joe's help. I suppose that it could be said that the new security measures will weed out the faint-hearted and none but the most steadfast will be able to post on the Mudcat Cafe without GUEST in front of their name, but I wonder how many who might have a contribution to make to this community will say "To Hell with it"? Obviously, you can't prove a negative, so we'll never know, but I suspect that there are probably some who have been discouraged by this process. I'd like to emphasize that my difficulties seem to be an anomaly, but maybe Max and Joe (who do a GREAT job,hats off to them, and my thanks again to Joe.)might want to take a look at the temporary security measures, and see if they're pleased with what they see.

I'd like to take this oppurtunity, to again, thank the folks who had so many kind words for me, and brought me to my senses.

Even with technical foul-ups, this is a great place.