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26-Jan-00 - 08:52 PM
Thread Name: REQ: Native Amer Songs
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T-bird, it's okay. I think we've had this debate before. Just remember, some of us have some knowledge too, okay? No offense intended. BTW, my title page says the same thing. I only gave the title of the book, from the front cover, in the above message.

According to my Contents, there's info from the following tribes (their spellings, not mine) by region: Wabanaki, Dakota, Pawnee, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa; Winnebago; Kwakiutl; Pima, Apache, Mojave-Apache, Yuma, Navajo; Pueblo, Z&utildeni, San Juan, Acoma, Laguna, & Hopi.

Of the Native American music, Ms. Curtis heard for the first time while in the Southwest, she said, "(it was) the spontaneous and sincere expression of the soul of a people." And that it "springs from our own continent, and is thus, of all music, distinctly American."

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