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Posted By: Bert
09-Mar-06 - 12:24 PM
Thread Name: Difference in fiddle bows?
Subject: RE: Difference in fiddle bows?
..but there are no established formulas... Hmmmm, so it appears, a lot of talk, but no information, perhaps this thread belongs in the BS section;-)

I would suspect that with heavier bow, one would put the cg closer to the frog otherwise the bow would be unwieldy.

I don't think that making only ONE bow would be much good. I would want the details of several good bows and chart the differences and see if I could spot any trends. I would expect to have to make an adjustable prototype and get a few good fiddlers to try it out before settling on a particular design.

If I found that specific users liked different things then I would have to come up with a way of defining what a particular user likes and making just that.

So folks, just for fun, post the details of your best & worst bow here and say which is which of course and we'll see what we can do.