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Posted By: CBjames
26-Jan-00 - 10:52 PM
Thread Name: Sonny Bono Copyright Extension
Subject: RE: Sonny Bono Copyright Extension
Geez! This whole discussion p***es me off!

The "Limeliter Definition" of folkmusic was that 1. Nobody Wrote It 2. Nobody Knows It 3. Everybody Sings It

Well clearly Sonny Bono was a nobody, and I only sing his songs when I haven't got anything better to doodle on.

Most of what I sing, I just want words that sound okay for . I could care less if they were what were actually penned in the first place. A good song is found in how you feel when you belt it out (or sing it soft and sweet) and has absolutely nothing to do with its written form in words or music.

Sure we crib from suggestions of words or of chords or of notes but how often really do we sing what's on the paper?

I'm sure this is an arguement that was probably well explored by 'catters long before I joined the circle. The point should be the last.

-- Everyone Sings It !! --- & you can't get much more perverted than trying to copywrite "Happy Birthday" Even Bob Dylan wouldn't have stooped THAT low.