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Posted By: Pelrad
27-Jan-00 - 12:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tide and the River Rising (Cindy Kallet)
Subject: Lyr Add: TIDE AND THE RIVER RISING (Cindy Kallet)
That is written and recorded by Cindy Kallet, and is on her second album (which I believe is simply titled "Kallet 2"). You're right, it is a great song; I sing it to my toddler frequently. Here's an attempt from memory; I'm not sure of the order of the middle verses, as I tend to sing it in random order...I'm curious, where did you hear it?

(ch)Come on, get your oars and row
My darling, come on, get your oars and row
We've got tide and the river rising
Come on, get your oars and row.

Rise up on your feet and walk,
My darling, rise up on your feet and walk
We've got arms reaching out to catch you
Haul up on those feet and walk.

In the morning call my name,
My darling, in the morning call my name
We grow old, young, we birth, we die,
And somehow rearrange.

Some live and change the world
With grace and a vision and a strength of mind.
Some rise from trouble, some lend a hand;
And some keep trying to find...

Watch that little boy go walking,
My lover, and watch him as he learns to run.
Watch him as he rounds the corner out of sight,
And tumbling back in our arms he comes.

When it's time to say goodbye,
My darling, when it's time to say goodbye,
We'll live on in the old and young ones
Dreaming down a quiet line...