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27-Jan-00 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Subject: RE: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Dear Friends:
Okiemockbird, you mention that your definition is limited, in this instance, to members of federally acknowleged nations. In this instance, I think we need to look at what that means to east coast nations, being that we are speaking of Maryland. For those who dont know what Okiemockbird and I are speaking of in refering to federally recognised, or acknowleged tribes, there are presently about six hundred native nations in the US. Of those, about three hundred are federally recognised, meaning that they have a nation to nation relationship with the US. In the 1970s, Congress threatened to reorganise the BIA, because of the slow pace at wieghing the petitions by the 300, partialy disenfrancised nations, that are not presently recognised. The BIA sped up the process to now look at about two nations petitions a year, so that all the petitions will be looked at by the passage of several hundred years - all deliberate speed. Now, in the Mid west, many of the tribes which are not recogised, either never had any form of relation with the US, as they were not involved in wars, or were termanated, a process of being declared no longer native because of forced assimilation, often, not truely reflecting the cultureal or political reality of that native nation. In the origional thriteen colonys, the treaties were not with a central American power, but with the crown and the coloney, so there are State recognised tribes. THese tribes have lived by the oldest treaties on the contental US, but often have been left out in the process of ackowlegement.
The BIA will not have much on file about these tribes, however, they often interact with each other. I judge in a tribal court of such a tribe, and will ask our council who the closest nation to Maryland may be. There may actually be a native state there, and also it is worth a call to the BIA, as there are some small surprising acknowleged tribes, for example, I grew up believing as many did, that the nation Ishi came from, the Yahi, were gone, a belief fostered by Ishi himself in 1913. However, on tribal buisness, I actually found that there is a small naiton of Yahi in California.
All the best