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27-Jan-00 - 09:59 AM
Thread Name: Sonny Bono Copyright Extension
Subject: RE: Sonny Bono Copyright Extension
The Constitution clearly states that "No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States." The 105th Congress weasled around this ban on hereditary titles by creating hereditary monopolies.

The end result of grants of monopoly, if they are allowed to endure too long, can be seen by examining some of the grievances of the Senechaussee of Rennes, who in 1789 petitioned the Estates General praying for, among many other things,

Supression de la servitude plus meurtrière du droit de suite de mouline...usage libre des meules `a bras; proscription absolue de la capitation deigneuriale à raison de ces tristes machines; et que la postérité ignore, s'il se peut, qu la tyrannie féodale bretonne, armée du pouvoir judiciare, n'a pas rougi, dans ces derniers temps, de briser les meules à bras, et de vendre annuellement à des malheureaux la faculté de broyer entre deux pierres une mesure d'orge ou de sarrasin.

(Suppression of the mankilling servitude of suit-to-mill, ... free use of querns; [and] absolute abolition of the royalty on these pathetic engines; that posterity may never know (if that is possible) that the tyrannical Breton lords, armed with the judicial power, did not blush in these modern times to smash querns, and to sell to the unfortunate folk annual "license" to grind a measure of barley or buckwheat between two stones.) M.J. Mavidal and M.E. Laurent, eds., Archives Parlementaires de 1787 a 1860, 1st Series, Vol. 5, Paul DuPont, Paris, 1879, p.547.