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Posted By: Jon W.
27-Jan-00 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Think Again (Dick Gaughan)
Subject: RE: LYR NEW: Think Again - Dick Gaughan
I don't think the average Russian wants war any more than the average Brit, American, Frenchman, German, etc. But remember that Stalin killed many times over the number of Russians than Hitler killed Jews/Gypsies/Homosexuals/Eastern Europeans.

Yes, the Russians suffered terribly during World War 2. So did the Germans during WW1. That didn't prevent WW2.

And consider this: the Russian people have NO experience with democracy, NO experience with other than extremely Authoritarian government (first the Czars, then the Leninists/Stalinists "meet the new boss, same as the old boss") and they seem to prefer it (government) that way (look at what Putin is doing in Chechnya and look at his approval rating). If you don't think they can be manipulated by some nefarious leader who may or may not have arisen yet, then you better think again. And frankly, the same goes for Americans and any other general population in the world.