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Posted By: Little Hawk
12-Mar-06 - 11:11 PM
Thread Name: Anyone like using the metronome?
Subject: RE: Anyone like using the metronome?
It's fairly normal to pick up speed when one is doing a high energy number. I found I had to watch that tendency very carefully when recording songs with many verses and an exciting theme. If I watch it consciously I can fairly much avoid the speeding up by pacing myself from the beginning with the thought "now don't speed it up!".

I don't have much trouble holding a steady beat, in my opinion, I just have trouble matching it to the metronome for some reason. I mean, my steady beat is not happening at the same time... (grin)

I know people who can't hold a steady beat...or count measures in even "4"s (or whatever)...and it's pretty obvious, believe me. That's not my problem here.