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Posted By: treewind
14-Mar-06 - 06:26 AM
Thread Name: Anyone like using the metronome?
Subject: RE: Anyone like using the metronome?
On setting a prescribed speed:
Metronome markings in music are often not accurate or appropriate. Some composers must have put them in without checking, or they had a bizarre idea of how their music should be played that isn't shared by most modern interpreters. Other seem to give sensible guidance but you don't HAVE to follow it.

On playing along with metronomes or click tracks:
Yes, of course it's difficult, but just like the first time you hear yourself recorded or watch yourself on video it's a humbling experience from which you have the opportunity to learn. You may THINK you keep a steady beat until.... "Hey, your metronone's gone wrong - it's slowing down!". Been there, done that (I didn't really say that, but it felt like it).

As someone said, you can learn to play to a click track, and the skill's worth acquiring: sometimes you need it for a recording session to solve a multitracking or timing problem. Any listening skill is worthwhile for a musician. Nothing to do with folk or classical/jazz/pop/whatever: just tools of the trade.