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Posted By: Jon Freeman
28-Jan-00 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: New ICQ Active List
Subject: New ICQ Active List
A few of us were sent E-ICQ messages from Max last night. I am not sure why they were sent but I have decided to have a play with the Active List idea.

I have created an new Active list that is currently called "FolkChat" and have tried to send out invitations to the Mudcatters on my ICQ list.

The active list is like the normal ICQ chat but it has a few advantages e.g it provides a common chat room that could be used during the Mudcat Radio with none of the confusion about where people are gathering, and is accessible regardless of whether and one person is involved in the chat... all it needis is the server to be running on the "Owner's" (currently me) machine. It allows administration options that are not possible with normal ICQ chat and also provides a fairly basic discussio forum.

This is just an experiment at the moment but if anybody is interested, the Active List number is 62415725. You need to become a member to have a look and I have set it to auto accept new members. I do not have the resources to keep this open all the time (but if it works can transfer ownership as well as rename) and my ISP dissconnects me after 3 hours connection (have to log back in) but for the next few days (at least), I will try to keep it available from aroud 6pm to whenever I go to bed - likely around 6am GMT. (That is 1pm to 1am EST or Mudcat time).