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Posted By: alison
28-Jan-00 - 02:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: New ICQ Active List
Subject: RE: BS: New ICQ Active List
well... we have only just started to investigate this... but it looks VERY promising.....

once you are accepted as a member (automatic) it brings you into the room.... it brings everyone straight in.. ... thereby stopping one person from spending their entire time chasing around people and inviting them in... and no confusion over who "owns" the room

there are a few more whistles and bells with this version of ICQ.... pretty smiley faces too!!!

can I recommend that those of you who have got this version of ICQ join up to the active list number Jon gave in his first message here.... and those of you who, like me, had an earlier version.... please download the latest version....

we can only use this when Jon is online at the moment... so that'll be later today...... he'll probably drop you a line to let you know....

hopefully we can get a few more people into it over the weekend... and really give it a good testing....

we need a few people to see if the old "invisibility" is still a problem..... and to see if people get kicked out as often......

this looks like it would be a perfect solution for during the mudcat radio program

please help us with this "valuable research".... hahaha