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Posted By: InOBU
28-Jan-00 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: Greatest protest singer of the sixties
Subject: RE: Greatest protest singer of the sixties
I have to disagree with Joe and Dave (though Dave, with a lashing of rum pushed accross the focsle table to ye, aye... yarrrrrrr)
Phil Oachs, who I believe will have a long effect, as his songs are refound by generations seeking to understand the times in ways that, How many seas can a white dove sail? just dont speak to. I think I Aint Marching Anymore, is an anthem of our age, and, as Phill himself said, a protest song is defined as a song you dont hear on the radio, and theyll say they dont play it because the guy cant sing or the words or no good, while they play the shit they play these days... it all has to do with the process all raound the western trail, that includes the England and Frances and Canada,and America they have this media syndrom that controlls they way you think, that led us into the Vietnamese war and the Kennedy assasination but what can you do? here you are a poor soul, a helpless peice of flesh amoung these crule crule machines and heartless men, what can you do but turn away, and hope to build something new...