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Posted By: Mike Regenstreif
17-Mar-06 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: Jesse Winchester
Subject: RE: Jesse Winchester
Executioners song is one I've always liked.

I think you might be mixing him up with someone else. I'm very familiar with everything Jesse's ever done and that doesn't ring any bells.

A loss for you for sure, but a gain for Montreal and its clubs, stages and concerts. Jesse is a gem of a guy and a helluva songwriter.

I never thought he'd move back, but Jesse has been living in the Memphis area for the past couple of years.

Was Jesse from Tennessee or Mississppi originaly? Just curious.

Jesse was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and grew up in Memphis, Tennesse.

I saw Jesse in his first appearance in Canada back in 1967 at the college I was attending...I don't recall the song list that evening because I saw him numerous times and don't remember what he sang when, but I believe it included Yankee Lady and Twigs and Seeds

I don't think it would have included "Twigs & Seeds." That song dates from the mid-1970s.

On the subject of "Brand New Tennessee Waltz", it recently struck me that 'walzing on air' might be a reference to being hung. Any comments?

"Waltzing on air" is an expression that refers to being totally caught up in the dancing so that the real world seems to disappear. You're looking for an obliqueness that it isn't there.

Mike Regenstreif