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18-Mar-06 - 04:04 AM
Thread Name: Origins: The Golden Glove (Dog and Gun)
Subject: RE: Origins: The Golden Glove (Dog and Gun)
Your reveiw cites Farewell To Miltown as being sung by Siney Crotty when clearly it was sung by Nora Cleary. Surely listening to the track under discussion would have told you it was a woman singing (and that the song you identified as being another was in fact a very slightly altered version of the same) These are just two of the errors you have so far failed to acknowlege in this unpleasant business, having picked your way systematically through the notes to Around the Hills of Clare in a desperate search for mistakes.
The response the authors made, which your editor, in true tabloid fashion refused to print, list more of your own foot-in-mouths and when the Tom Lenihan howler that you made in your 'Guide' was pointed out to you, your bluster was a sight to behold (still no response to your totally imagined Tom record title?)
You failed to explain why you objected to the adverse influence of television on the tradition when you had supported it in an earlier review. You fail now, as you did then, to explain why you objected to the use of a word you used yourself three times in your review. Both of these alone were enough to convince me of the dishonesty of your 'review'.   
You still refuse to explain why you virtually ignored the singers and totally ignored the songs you were supposed to be reviewing (once again, put up or go away)
I really am tired of armchair folklorists who have never emerged from the protective glow of their computer screens to carry out any real work, but attempt to make some sort of name for themselves by junking the efforts of those of us who have. Wasn't McCormick's 'Big League' phrase a revealing one? Perhaps your knowing my identity would confirm whether I qualify for a place in that fine organisation!
Your own work, when placed side-by-side with that of those you have arrogantly dismissed, such as Rionach Ui Ogain and Brendean Breathnach does not bear comparing. A friend, rather charitably I thought, described your "Guide" as 'airport reading', though she did hasten to add that it lacked the excitement of a good Patricia Cornwell or John Grisham.
Your arrogant proclaimation that your aim is to improve the standard of Irish writing only serves to underline what a self-important individual you are (confirmed again in your 'book wot I wrote' approach to review writing in one of your latest efforts.
You attempt to explain away your thuggish reaction to criticism as 'irony'fails to convince me. If Jim Carroll, or anybody has ever threatened to take a knuckle-duster or offer any kind of violence to those ho disagree, please point the occasion out; as a non - contributing observer of Irtrad, you are the only writer I have ever noted as reverting to such behaviour.
Your unpleasant and irresponsible approach to Irish music is so inept that it stands very little chance of doing any real damage (at least McCormick appears to have some slight experience of the subject), but I do wish you'd stay away from tradition bearers; they really do deserve better.
Perhaps birdwatching or train spotting is more in your line!