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Posted By: The Shambles
19-Mar-06 - 08:35 AM
Thread Name: Tessa Jowell Sings
Subject: RE: Tessa Jowell Sings
The woman from Westminster said they were not prosecuting because no-one had complained, so Hamish was invited to complain there and then he declined.

The words of this Act do not require a complaint to be made. If Westminster Council's local Licensing Policy does reqire this - I am sure this document will state this..........................or perhaps it won't?

As has been pointed out - under the old legislation, this particualar council have not been reluctant to prosecute before. But the point is that with legislation like this - which is left to LAs to enforce - licensing law will still mean what individual council employees say it is.

And no one (apart from Tessa Jowell) has any protection from this legislation or can establish exactly what is or is not illegal under it. Local Government will refer you to Central Government and both will pass the buck on to the courts - where both parties will tell you that the final determination will be made.

Meanwhile individual council employees (who have no intention of giving-up this power) as before - will be left to do as they wish...........................