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Posted By: Bill D
28-Jan-00 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: New ICQ Active List
Subject: RE: BS: New ICQ Active List
well, I have added it..didn't even know that option was hiding in the menu!..It pays to look thru your menus and see whats available!..... any of you have mICQ?..lets you have more than one ICQ# running simultaneously..(yes, that DOES imply multiple identies...not for me, as I can barely cope with the one I have, but..I CAN se why some would want it,,,*grin*)

also, some folks are getting HearMe for ICQ, which adds a HearMe box to 'your' ICQ page and allows live voice as you chat. You get a little yellow house beside your name and anyone can call quite well, though it seems NOT to have the privacy features of ICQ ..meaning that anyone who clicks pops into your conversation, (Am I right about that?)