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20-Mar-06 - 01:42 AM
Thread Name: Keeping my Martin in tune
Subject: RE: Keeping my Martin in tune
Sorry, can't contribute to the Martin bashing, which I find a bit funny... But is the guitar "just off the shop wall"? Has the saddle been compensated? Have you had the guitar well set-up? How's the neck relief? Are the frets worn out? These are all things that crossed my mind, and have been raised well by others.

I have found that Shubb capos both diminish tone, (not, of course the topic here, but nonetheless...) and, depending on how they are placed on the guitar, cause intonation problems. I've watched many folks slap on their Shubb quickly, and then have to tune.

Overtightening Shubbs is real easy to do; that toss-it-on and flip-it-shut thing has, I admit, a certain erotic appeal... but try this: position it, well-aligned just behind the fret, and then don't over-tighten it. Hey Presto! Improved tone and better intonation from the wham-bam method.

Like this topic? Try the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum for hairsplitting thrills. Compensated saddles (which I suspect is your problem) are a common topic.

In any case good luck. An HD28 is a nice little box.