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Posted By: GUEST,Fred McCormick
20-Mar-06 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Golden Glove (Dog and Gun)
Subject: RE: Origins: The Golden Glove (Dog and Gun)
Sorry. I forgot to fill in the name box on my posting of a couple of minutes ago, and to mention that the object of my tirade this morning was Jim Carroll.

Fred McCormick.

Grow up Jim

Oh Fred, I do love it when you talk dirty!
Perhaps you might like to quote the 'good half' of your review which discusses the singing of Elizabeth Cronin - I failed to find anything. The bulk of your rather pompous offering was devoted to showing how much more you knew than the writer, thus confiming your lofty position in your'big league'.
I expressed opinions and asked questions, your friend avoided answering those questions by feining outrage at my anonymity.
My anonymity annoys him, his efforts to denigrate and insult traditional singers offends me - we obviously have differing values.
Your contribution to this debate, couched as it is in immaculate language, confirms a thought that had crossed my mind that Musical Traditions has lost the plot somewhat regarding its responsibility to traditional music.
Why should I threaten libel, your hissy-fit has done far more damage to yourself and your reputation than anything I could possibly do.
By the way - I did enjoy your 'King Lear at Dover' speech on Irtrad