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Posted By: DonMeixner
28-Jan-00 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: Greatest protest singer of the sixties
Subject: RE: Greatest protest singer of the sixties
Buffy St. Marie wrote The Universal Soldier actually and to my knowledge Ochs didn't sing it.

My vote goes with Phil Ochs. I never felt that he was being cute or just string words and us along with bizarre and mumbled meaning. His love ballads were few but striking, Celia for instance. I always felt his meanings were clear as crustal. His satire was biting and rough. Only Paxton was his superior in satire. I won't play the sell out card on Dylan. I just never liked him particularily. although some of his tunes are favorites of mine.

Ochs gets my vote followed by Malvina Reynolds and then Paxton a virtual tie for second.