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Posted By: katlaughing
28-Jan-00 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Subject: RE: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Heya, Taskëmus/Tbird!

When I lived in New England, the three Western things I missed the most were sagebrush, hot springs, and the meadowlark, the latter esp. in the spring.

Now that I've been back for 6 years, I miss the cardinal AND the mockingbird, from back East! That's the first one I've heard in all of that time! Thank you very much. I am learning Lakotah from language tapes of elders, but I will also find the language info at the site you linked very interesting, too.

And, hey! You're quite a handsome fellow and you sure can whistle!**BG**

This has been one of the best and most interesting threads, IMO, in quite a while. Thanks, Susan-Marie, for asking. Thanks InOBU and Taskëmus, for sharing so much of interest.

Here's a few links you might enjoy:

AIROS-On-Line Indian Radio;

Native American Languages, which is from this main page;

and, you probably already know about these, but here they are just in case there is interest:

Indian Country Online;

Native Web;

< a>Indian Country News;

and, Inidgenous Environmental Network

Hope I got those all correct. Thanks, again, ya'll.