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21-Mar-06 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Golden Glove (Dog and Gun)
Subject: RE: Origins: The Golden Glove (Dog and Gun)
And yet one more name to add to the roll call; you boys really are gluttons for punishment when it comes to public humiliation – I'm beginning to feel like a dominatrix. Another apology owed I think, though I doubt if the subjects of your guessing games stand much of a chance in receiving their due – the word "sorry" seems to have successfully evaded both of your vocabularies completely.   
Jim now, is it? I wonder why the fact of my being a woman is so difficult for you both to come to terms with; does it really offend your masculinity that much? I repeat, I choose to withhold my name for the reason stated and judging by the somewhat inarticulate viciousness of Fred's offering, my choice is a wise one; – what do they say, 'if Wallis comes, can Grommitt be far behind?"
On the question of the withholding of names, can this possibly be the same Geoff Wallis who wrote numerous letters to Irtrad last year under a pseudonym; surely not? I would not have thought it possible that somebody who has already executed so many foot-in mouths could excel himself in this way.
To date he has objected vehemently to the use of a word he has used freely himself.
He has challenged a suggestion he previously publicly supported.
He has written an extremely long review gleefully pointing out real or invented typing errors and missing commas, while persistently using the phrase "Jim and Pat's" (the least able of my pupils knows the correct form to be "Jim's and Pat's").
He has then gone ballistic, even to the extent of threatening personal injury, when shortcomings to his own magnum opus were drawn to his attention.
Surely, having had these double standards pointed out, he would not now attempt to withhold the right of others to something he has practiced openly himself; nobody could be that stupid – could they?
I note that Fred has failed to provide us with examples of his praises for Mrs Cronin's songs and singing, just as Geoff has declined to show us where he discussed the Clare singers and their songs – not one example between them.
This discussion has now become far too protracted for my tastes, (nearly as protracted as your article in Musical Traditions Fred, in which you took over sixteen-and-a-half thousand words to say little more than "my parcel was lost in the post".
I really find it quite embarrassing to see two adults continue to humiliate themselves publicly. You've both been given the chance to explain your behaviour; I've had my fun; let posterity decide the right of it. I would like to claim credit for exposing you for the people you are, but you managed to do that yourself without my help.
You know, you have the makings of a fine comedy duo, if only you could decide which of you is the clown and which the straight man.
By the way, did you know that Leaguers are a type of potato in Ireland, therefore "Big Leaguers" must be……. it doesn't bear thinking about really!