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Posted By: Mr Red
24-Mar-06 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ken Livingston's Nazi jibe to Jewish reporter
Subject: RE: BS: Ken Livingston's Nazi jibe to Jewish reporter
robomatic - read what is put not what you want to.

the Cossaks fought with the Germans in ww11 "because of history". the word Holocaust was coined to describe the Tsarist treatment of Ukranians which has been described as killing more people than the German campaign against Jews. And was Stalin any better? - as a result they had a grudge to settle by 1939.

FWIW Russians will tell you that Hiltler's war killed more Russians than Jews. Statistics are meaningless without context. And need an open mind to focus properly. Now about weapons of mass destruction and their existence.......................

And as for the number of Roma people, it is not something that can be counted as easily. I defer to my informants - who can get it wrong - the BBC.