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Posted By: Jim I
29-Mar-06 - 06:52 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Who wrote the Mini Cooper song?
Subject: Origins: Who wrote the Mini Cooper son?
I'm working on sourcing all the songs in my collection and I'm stuck on a few. Does anyone know who wrote the song "I am a Mini Cooper"? Probably mid to late 1960's as that's when I learned it.

Mini Cooper
(tune "Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine"/ "Hot Asphalt"

Oh! Me name is Mini Cooper And I once was white as snow
Till I met a rally driver And a-rallying did go.
He promised me fine trophies, And I got them all 'tis true,
But girls you'll surely pity me When you hear what I've been through.
He took me down a mossy lane So dark I couldn't see
I'll tell you girls there never was A man as fast as he.
He laid me on a grassy bank And gave me such a fright
He examined my suspension With a spanner and a light.

When he saw that I was stalling then, He flew into a rage
For I knew he was trying to get me to A very special stage
He tuned me carburettor up And gave me points a touch
Ah! How could I resist him girls When he slipped in his clutch
Now me back and sides are bent And me bonnets red with rust
Me big ends badly dented And me hydrolastics bust.
I've got no brakes to speak of Aand I'm sure me head is gone
So never go into the forest girls Wwithout your sump guards on.