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29-Mar-06 - 08:46 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Sarie Marais
Subject: Lyr Add: SARIE MARAIS
Josef Marais did at least two distinct English-language versions of "Sarie Marais." The first is below, from his solo 10" LP, "Songs of the South African Veld" by Josef Marais and his Bushveld Band, DLP 5014, issued, I think, in 1951 or 52 (please correct me on the date if it's off base).

The second version was done as a duet with Miranda later in the 50s. I don't have it, but someone may. For it Josef rewrote the words at least in part, distancing them from the Boer War and making them more civilian. Does anyone have those lyrics? I'd love to see them posted here. All I remember is the variant chorus, which I think goes:

Oh bring me back to the old Transvaal,
Sarie Marais lives there,
I dream of Sarie sitting by the old thorn tree,
Weeping and waiting for me.
To me this is one of the world's most beautiful songs -- intoxicating to sing and hear. And while it uses the tune of Ellie Rhee, Ellie Rhee by itself is somehow not as impressive. The Marais lyrics along with that lovely tune have an irresistible mystery and fascination.



SARIE MARAIS (first version)

English lyrics presumably by Josef Marais

My Sarie Marais is so far from my heart,
And I'm longing to see her again,
She lived in a farm on the Meoi river bank   [pronounced MOO'-ee]
Before I left on this campaign.

Oh, bring me back to the old Transvaal,
That's where I long to be,
Where yonder 'mongst the mealies by the green thorn tree,
Sarie is waiting for me,
I wonder if I'll ever see that green thorn tree,
There where she's waiting for me.

I feared that the soldiers would get hold of me,
They would send me away o'er the sea,
I fled over land to the Orange river sand,
In Uppington I would be free.


At last there was peace, and I started for home,
To the Transvaal I've always adored,
My Sarie Marais will be waiting there for me,
Her kiss will be my best reward.

CHO ends:
I see my Sarie sitting there and weeping for me,
'Until the day I can be free.