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Posted By: GUEST,Julia
31-Mar-06 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Child-safe Sea Chanties
Subject: RE: Child-safe Sea Chanties
Hi Ranger- they don't talk that way in class..

In the context of Musique's (and others') educational activities with shanties, the adults are the ones who are writing the check...

Unfortunately, if one is presenting these songs in a public /"professional" context, one must err on the side of discretion. There is nothing wrong with that.

As I said before, the key when dealing with such a situation is to present the tradition with integrity regarding the historical context. Not ALL the verses are objectionable, and the sailors never sang ALL the verses at any one time. So sing the socially acceptable ones to kids at the school gig and save the raunchy ones for the pub. If there happen to be kids at the pub, then good on 'em. They'll take the songs back to school and sing them to their friends and the tradition will live.

By the way, sailors did NOT historically sing shanties for fun while sitting around. Put the little buggers to work and they'll get the idea.

cheers- Julia