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Posted By: Barry Finn
04-Apr-06 - 12:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: seeing the Northern lights
Subject: RE: BS: seeing the Northern lights
Nancy, could we have seen the same display? I was about 17 in a boarding school (for wild teens) in Southern NH. had to be about 1968, I don't remember the time of year but it couldn't have been summer & it wasn't cold enough to be winter. We were in class, a part of the barn that had been renovated & a guy I think in his 50's burst into the middle of the class babbling about tracking lights all his life & this was the big one. Being a wild bunch from the 60's we all at once figured he was on a bad acid trip & kept trying to calm him down. Finally he spit out "The Northern Lights" & we all ran outside. It was probably about 7:30/8:00 pm, we stayed out laying on our backs for, what seemed like hours. It was shaped like a spray like when you're in the shower only nothing was in the center except for the center at the peak where all the light converged from & it came down sourrounding us. The sides shimered like waves of curtains & different light shades (can't really remember the colors anymore) pulsed up the sides of the cone all making their way in unison towards the peak. It was the only time I'd ever seen them & it was unforgettable. Two other sky spectulars that I've witness was the green flash of the sun setting in the ocean & a moombow over a canyon on Maui. The Northern Lights was the the Big Top though.

Wasn't there another thread way back about this?