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Posted By: Fidjit
04-Apr-06 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: Your most recent 10 songs
Subject: RE: Your most recent 10 songs
Thought a lot of people were in their own "Time Warp". Then saw the first date of this thread was in 1999 and through to '04. Understandable.

So I'll join "Time Warpers Amonymous" if I may.

The list in '99 would have been different.
It changes with the years, the influences and the theme nights.

2006 it's :

"Gretna Green" Tony Philip's. Written for a Blacksmith's theme evening.
"What's The Use Of Wings". John Wright. Wonderful use of words.
"Banks Of The Dee". Trad, via Norma Waterson.
"Claudy Banks". Trad, via Alex Campbell.
"Colin And Pheobe". Trad, via Ed Rennie.
"Carrion Crow". Trad, from Alfred William's "Folksongs Of The Upper Thames"
"Barefoot Dangler. Freebee, from ElGreko's website. Thanks George.
"Dockyard Gate". Trad, via Pete Bellamy.
"Channels". Graham Perry, via Pete Harris. I was a "Lecky" on Union Castle Line for two years so I know the feeling in this one.
"Get Up And Go". Pete Seeger. Pete wrote this when he was 39! He thought he was getting old. Now nearly twice that! Nice one Pete.


Listening to :
Well, just broke up with my lady. So.
"Breathing Space". Brian Bedford, via Artisan. Brilliant stuff! And wonderfull harmony singing. Check it out.

And :
Listening to and Studying :
Steve Tilson's latest Cd. of trad songs "Of Many Hands". Nicely done Steve. Lots of Golden Oldies on here, the tradition moves on.

And :
Preparing for Miskin : - to be sung in, Norwegian!
"The Cruel Sister" Trad, via "Folque". A Norwegian folk rock group, a-la Steeleye.