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Posted By: GUEST,Neil Lowe
31-Jan-00 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: Help: Chord Theory/Questions
Subject: Help: Chord Theory/Questions
I started a thread some time ago on weird chords (in case the link doesn't work: that prompted the esteemed Tony Burns to suggest a site that helps inquiring minds to identify the name of a chord (again, just in case:, for which I am eternally grateful. This freeware program helped me attach names to chords that I had been playing for years, but had never been able to find in any of the chord books. As with most things, however, an answer usually leads to more questions. Hence, this thread.

I am wondering, now that they have names, how you say the names of these chords? For example, if I saw someone playing EA#B, which, according to the above program, is an E-3add#11 (the notation comes from the program, not me), how do you pronounce the name of this chord? Does the minus sign mean "diminished?" How do you say "Dm9-5?" or its inversion "E-3#5addb9/D?" What the devil is an "inversion," anyway? What does the little "degree" mark (like you see when "O degrees Celsius" is written) after a chord name mean? Doesn't that mean "diminished?"

Anyone know of an easy to understand reference that would explain all this to me? The future of the world as we know it is at stake.

Thanks in advance, Neil Lowe