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Posted By: Alba
05-Apr-06 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: How do you define it?
Subject: RE: BS: How do you define it?
Good question Quarcoo

I think the word itself is over used.
People say they love a lot of Things so the feeling behind the actual word gets lost in language.

One can quote Poets and Writers, Artists and Musicians and say that they have captured the essence of Love in their work and while that may be true, it is how each individual feels that defines Love for them alone.

You mention there are various kinds of Love. I, however, believe there is only one Love and it is how and to whom we express and share that one Love with that shows the various forms it takes.

Is Love essential to Marriage or Relationship.
I think Respect, Friendship, Empathy are and perhaps if these 3 things are in place as the foundation of the Marriage or Relationship then perhaps Love grows from them so while Love may not be present at the beginning it may develope over time.

To me, Love can only be shared if you Love yourself first. If I cannot say that I love myself (character defects and imperfections included:>) then how can I say I Love some one or any one else?
How can I even define Love. For if I did not know Self Love how would I be able to explain it, let alone share it.

I believe Love is a limitless resource of the Human Spirit which we can, if we wish, give freely of, without fear of being left with none. Even if we do not receive any in return we always have enough to share.

As to how the Culture I live in defines Love well I cannot say...truly. On that issue I am left bewildered at times!

As I said, good question...with many a philosophical answer I'll bet:)