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Posted By: Kweku
06-Apr-06 - 08:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: How do you define it?
Subject: RE: BS: How do you define it?
well Aziz, when I say that a woman should be able to cook,clean and otherwise. that is in no way to disrespect women or womanhood.I guess I was trying to simplify the African meaning of a woman,because what Westerners might consider qualities of a woman might be different from that of Asians.

lets take for example,my mother.she is a private secretary who goes to work throughout the week except on short she is a very busy woman.her counterpart in the country-side will also go to the farm or whatever occupation throughtout the week too;and they all make time for their children. but one thing we look out for in our women is how she is able to handle pressure.lets say she wakes up one day and the husband is gone, can she raise the children to be responsible adults? we Ghanaians will forever be proud of Yaa Asantewaa because when the men chickened out she was there to fight for the motherland.that is the kind of woman I am talking about and not some woman who only knows how to cook and clean.

I can say with all certainty that no Ghanaian man nor woman would want to marry a lazy fellow with no job,trade and doesnot know how to run a home. most females in Ghana divorce their husbands because they donot help in keeping the home.

Aziz the only difference between a woman in the U.S and that of Africa is the fact that one cannot cook the food of the other.

polygamous man is a man who has been able to unite sisters under one roof. it is not about sex.children? yes, because he wants a large family.most people tend to think that polgamous men are sex-crazed that is "totally wrong".plogamous men go after women because of their unique qualities. if you have Moslems in your community then probably you could find more about their version on this.

I hope you are o.k with this explanation?