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Posted By: Geordie-Peorgie
09-Apr-06 - 09:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Police arrest T Shirt Wearer
Subject: RE: BS: Police arrest T Shirt Wearer
Aah divvent knaa why yez are surprised!

President Blair hez every right te be concerned and to protect hisself wi' the full power o' the law.

We cannit hev old age pensioners stayin' at home te be mugged by yobs coz there's nee coppers arrond te protect them so let's arrest them aall on the flimsiest excuse and keep them in jail so that the' cannit complain aboot fightin' for queen and country and mekkin the streets safe for thei children.

A land fit fo' heroes? My Arse!

A land of sleazy political arse-wipes mair like it!

Aahh see that Tessa Jowell's back with her husband - One of the fastest reconciliations ootside of a b-movie

Sleaze - That's aall it is! Sleaze