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Posted By: Azizi
10-Apr-06 - 07:35 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Lady's alligator purse? Her own thread
Subject: RE: Folklore: Lady's aligator purse? Her own thread
Also, Chaz,

in that same 2003 Mudcat thread, you posted a version of "Miss Lucy Had A Steamboat" that I've not seen anywhere else . Since you gave me permission to use your examples in the book I'm still working on*, I'm going to take the liberty to re-post that example on this thread and on the "Ask Me "Know" Questions" thread.

Thank you very much!

Subject: RE: Folklore: Skipping Rhymes & Playground Games
From: Neighmond - PM
Date: 03 Feb 03 - 01:57 AM

[excerpt of a post with multiple examples of rhymes]

...In this little chant, the girls sat facing each other and clapped hands on each others palms, and their shoulders and laps. They went on until someone goofed in the clapping order. I heard this one in an apartment complex, growing up in Spirit Lake, Iowa in the early '80's

Miss Lucy had a steam boat,
    The steam boat had a bell.
    Miss Lucy went to heaven,
    The steam boat went to
    Hell-o operator,
    Give me number nine,
    If I get disconnected,
    I'll kick you from-
    Behind the 'fridgerator
    There sat a piece of glass,
    Miss Lucy sat upon it
    And cut her big fat
    As-k me no more questions,
    Tell you me more lies,
    The boys are in the bathroom,
    Zipping up their flies-
    Are in the kitchen,
    The're buzzing everywhere
    I got a can of fly spray
    And sprayed it in the
    Airplane is in the air,
    The trucks are on the ground,
    And I get on the carosell
    Go 'round and round and
    'Round King Arthur's table
    There was a dozen knights.
    There was a lot of fighting
    At dinner every
    Night time in the city
    Night time in the park
    Miss Lucy's on the park bench
    Kissin' in the Dark!


*I have revised the concept of the compilation that I am working on to examples of and commentary about English language children's playground rhymes that mention violence. I'm still open to and would greatly appreciate any examples and comments on this subject.