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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
19-Apr-06 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: Your views wanted by UK Government
Subject: RE: Your views wanted by UK Government
As part of the process of getting the Licensing Act through the Government had to make a few concessions. One was to agree that there should be some kind of review of how the music part of it was working, with the half-promise that changes could be introduced to ensiure that live music would be helped rather than damaged by the new legislation.

I'm sceptical about how far they are going to deliver, but I think it is important that people should do whatever they can to ensure that this kind of information is put forward, especially about any ways in which live music is being damaged, or threatened with damage, by the new set-up.

Sitting on our hands and grumbling to each other is no way to respond to this situation. We aren't dealing with a monolith - there are friends of our music inside the system, or more or less inside the system, and Feargal Sharkey is one of them.