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Posted By: autolycus
20-Apr-06 - 05:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Subject: RE: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Bobad - I appreciate your response and want to point to one thing that happened in our exchanges that happens in all discussions.

That is that you picked up one of my points - 'accumulated wisdom' - while not noticing?/being able to respond to?/? another - 'millennia of observation'.

The former phrase fits well with the idea of a belief system. The latter fits better with our notion of science.

I would have thought that science would have to pay attention to all the evidence. It tends to be belief systems that pick and choose (just as religious fundamentalists pick and choose from the sacred texts.)

Incidentally, I wanted to include (in my list of points overlooked by the science-oriented and sceptical) the heavy role played in all, and I mean all, of this by the unconscious. Interestingly, both astrology and Gestalt psychotherapy are interested in bringing watever is in the unconscious into consciousness.

Lastly (I hope), I suspect an astrology thread is lengthy because astrology is an unacceptable face of the spiritual where the major religions are the acceptable side. Must read that 'Do you believe in God?' thread again.

Best wishes