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20-Apr-06 - 11:33 AM
Thread Name: Your views wanted by UK Government
Subject: RE: Your views wanted by UK Government
Interesting. Many folkies have posted their views on the BBC site. I have e-mailed the forum thus Dear Fergal

"I have read all the BBC postings with interest. The simplest amendement to the Act by the Minister would solve all for traditional musicians - just add the word "amplified" to "live music" as a defined term requiring a licence.

I have suggested this to Jame Parnell on many occasions, to no effect. If the Live Music Forum could pursuade the Minister to this effect, it, and you, would become hero to hundreds of thousands of musicians who play for the pleasure, not for money."

I am not however optomistic. Should any locally councillor seeking election seek your views ask him what he knows about this. The answer is likely to be nowt.