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20-Apr-06 - 11:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Subject: RE: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Oh -- and Andres, here are just a few examples of the insults, ignorance and general stupidity; the profanity, slant and/or propaganda directed at myself personally, or astrology in general. All are copied directly from this thread.

Cluin:   "Astrology however is pure squidge.... I believe in nasal astrology ... Pick a booger out of your nostril first thing in the morning and predict the day's outcome based on it's shape, colour and configuration with regards to the prevailing wind."

BillD    "Me, I'm just the last day of Taurus, so I'm not nearly so full of bull.. (kind of a CUSPidor, so to speak my chakras surgically removed a few years ago, they were swollen, and impinging on my aura. I feel SO much better) .... mmmm....I am not an 'expert' with years of study behind me on how to bake cakes using hot peppers, prunes, marijuana and LSD either, but I don't think voicing a cautionary opinion on the practice exactly makes me stupid.... Not knowing favorite recipes doesn't make me unqualified to comment on the dangers ... If you were invited to join a church, and they told you that "communion" required co-mingling of blood in order to 'establish spiritual connections' and wearing of tinfoil hats to enhance the experience, would you need to 'try' it for a few years, as they insist, to really *see* and experience how it works?"

labougie    "Leave the astrologers alone! OK, they're deluded, but unlike the similarly deluded Christians (and all other Superstitians), they're not actually dangerous. Concentrate on the real problem!"

TIA "...that last post is plain nuts. I believe Daylia gets her info on science from "evil scientist" movies ... Just got through showing what hooey it is, and they draw the bulls-eye around the dart anyhow. Powerful stuff this belief....Now, about dowsing...�

Bunnahabain   "It is also a form of madness that has no bounds. I know rational, intelligent, sceptical scientists who belive in astrology, and numpties who swallow all sorts of rubbish who reject it..... I can't juggle. Does that mean I can't say juggling chainsaws and flaming torches is not easy or safe?�

tabby    "Astrology is such trash: Pure fabrication with no sensible basis whatsoever.   But what a hoax. ... To believe that what kind of day/month/year you are going to have can be predicted without consideration of your free will and your personal circumstances is really quite insane. The entire concept of astrology is insane."

Alice   "I know people who have given all their life savings to gurus they believed in, allowed their children to be abused, deferred having children or gave their children up because of their spiritual following of the guru's commands, spent fortunes on psychic readers, given up education and careers to be the unpaid labor of their gurus and even committed suicide for their non-scientific beliefs. We have only to see the planes of 9/11 and the fields of Jonestown to understand how strong belief is in motivating people and how completely opposed to logic people can become when they have a strong belief."

Bagpuss "I believe that aeroplanes are kangaroos. I just happen to be using different definitions of both words than the entire rest of the the speakers of the English language. I am not wrong, I just define things differently to you all ..... I don't want particlularly want to learn about astrology, as I have been presented with no evidence that it has any truth to it .... And it shouldn't matter whether I am biased against astrology ... Actually I would have been quite impressed if I had read one of those charts and it sounded like me, more than the others. I know I was when I read the kabalarians short report into my name - even though I know that to be an equal amount of hooey."

Gervase "Pardon me while I bark!    ... No, you daft bint, I found out that astrologers weren't actually playing with a full deck .... Deluding the public? It's what astrology is all about!
Of course you'd be happier without all those nasty scientists messing up your lovey fluffy make-believe world and pointing out the fatuous absurdity of your beliefs ....The gist, for most sensible people, is that astrology is complete cobblers but the simple-minded and gullible cling on to it because people like that have a need to believe in something.... Hey, you're not related to those odd coves who used to stand on street corners with sandwich boards announcing the immenent end of the world and that eating meat was murder, are you?   Oddly, in none of the readings was I told I was a gullible fool to be seeking answers through astrology�"

Clinton Hammond    "You can get the same bullflop from a good 'reading' of a bowl of alphabet soup....Give yer damn fool head a shake would ya.... Yer scuppered here... and are just too blinkered to see it..... Evidently your open mind fled the coop a long time ago...."

Paul Burke   "People who believe in astrology are morally inferior to those who do not"

flamenco ted   "Last night I had a chat with the Fairies that live at the bottom of my garden, and even they don't believe that Astrology is real."

And even my longtime friend Little Hawk, who claims to have no interest in astrology whatsoever, and that he just doesn't 'get it' (So why is he posting so often on this thread, I wonder!)

"Chongo wants to know if you can do a chart for a chimpanzee? ... You need yer flippin' head examioned, Daylea ... Asterology sucks. It is fer old ladies that were long skirts and tie their flippin' hair in a bun at the back or other wierdos like that. It don't make no flippin' sense. I don't flippin' care if VEnus is in Yeranus, becoz it don't matter, eh? Them stars are nice to look at, but that is as far as it flippin' goes."

I think that's about enough for one morning. So again, to all who feel hurt by my sarcasm, or offended by my blunt "tell it like it is -- don't mince words -- just call a spade a spade" approach - well, Boo hoo for you!   Just watch you don't get yourself all dehydrated now.