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21-Apr-06 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Subject: RE: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Every human personality is like a part in a play, some roles being more dramatic than others.

Psychologically, people are many "personas" (ie "inner characters") all rolled into one - some conscious, well-adapted, sophisicated, and strong; others undeveloped, neglected, troublesome. This is not carved in stone, however - it seems that throughout life at certain critical junctures, conflicts arise, enabling us to recognize and develop the 'weaker characters' and bring them into balance, so that we become more complete as human beings.

Astrology offers a portrait of these 'inner characters', as well as valuable clues as to how they might manifest within our consciousness behaviour, and in our daily lives. Astrology also offers insight as to when/how these "critical junctures" arise, through the study of personal planetary transits. People with more awareness and understanding of their own inner needs, conflicts, drives (ie 'personas') and 'critical junctures' find that they no longer feel 'victimized' by life and by their own minds/emotions. No longer at the mercy of their own inner demons and conflicts, the process of integration and self-actualization becomes easier and more rewarding, and life becomes more productive.

One of the precepts of psychological astrology is that any weaker, underdeveloped, unexpressed, unacceptable 'personas' or 'inner characters' tend to be projected outwards and reflected back to the person through other people. And so, for example, people who've denied and/or repressed their own 'psychic' or 'occult' (for lack of a better word) nature, interests and abilities throughout their lives are irresistably drawn toward people like you and I Little Hawk, and into discussions like these -- so that they might eventually recognize and come to terms with these less developed aspect of their own personality.

And about being on a crusade for the legitimacy of astrology here -- well, I agree, that must be how it appears. But things are not always what they seem, LH. If I've been on a crusade here, it's not been about astrology at all. It really doesn't matter what you or Bill or Ted or anyone else thinks about astrology.

No, any "crusade" here been a personal one -- an ongoing effort to stand my ground, speak the truth, call a spade and spade and not back down / disappear when the going gets tough. For once in my life, in discussions like these! And I think I've done very well, considering. So, thanks to the Mudcat, to astrology for the fascinating 'subject material', and to all who've challenged me here for playing these essential 'roles' in my own inner drama.