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Posted By: Azizi
21-Apr-06 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Lady's alligator purse? Her own thread
Subject: RE: Folklore: Lady's alligator purse? Her own thread
Hey, M. Ted!

I've never heard that one before. It's great! I've heard about "Miss Susie/Suzie/Lucy/Molly having a baby named Tiny Tim, Miss Donna's done come and joined the crowd. Well I tell ya, something must be up, all them babies just about chokin in the bathtub-I just bet that the social worker was called in to check out what is goin on in that neighborhood!


So, M. Ted, do I understand that you are saying that "The Lady With The Alligator Purse" rhyme or whatever it's called is associated with diptheria or some other childhood disease?

That's an interesting theory.

Or is this like the widespread but I understand erroneous belief that "Ring A'Round the Rosie" refers to the plague?

You wrote that "The "bubble", it was later explained to me, was not from the soap, it was the membrane in the throat associated with diphtheria"

Would you mind sharing who explained this to you..

Oh no! The "Your Mama" response from The Dozens popped into my head.
But I didn't mean it in a dozens/challenging way.

Best wishes,