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21-Apr-06 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Major Landmarks:

1958: First transistor-powered computer (Control Data's CDC 1604)
1961: Introduction of the integrated circuit (Fairchild Semiconductor)
1964: IBM System 360 introduced; Dartmouth College develops the Time Share system, a primitive Wide Area network.
1965: First minicomputer, PDP-8 (DEC)
1969: ARPA Net is launched, connects four universities in a network; Intel founded; Alan Kay suggests "personal computers".
1971: TI introduces a 2.5 pound pocket calculator
1972: Email and the use of the "@" symbol adapted for ARPANet (Ray Tomlinson)
1973: FTP protoco; developed.
1974: Ethernet developed. (Bob Metcalfe)
1975: ALtair 256-byte computer kit offered for sale. Bill Gates write a BASIC compiler for it.
1976-1980: Queen Elizabeth II sends the first royal electronic mail message. Apple, Tandy/Radio Shack, Osborne heat up personal computer market.
1980: Defense Department adapts TCP I/P protocol.
1981" IBM offers the first IBM PC, forerunner of Wintel machines.
1982: TIME elects computer as Man of the Year; Norway becomes an Internet connection over TCPI/P leaving the dedicated college network.
1982-1986 Lots of listservs, BITNet, earlu Comp[uServe, bulletin boards
1983: DNS (Name-servingf) developed. NCP nodes cutover to TCP I/P.
1985 WELL (bulletin board in SFO) started.
1986: First "backbone" sponsored by NSF -- 56 kbps.
1988: There are 60, 000 hosts on the Internet. FidoNet ties in.
1989 Archie (Peter Deutsch, McHill U) created to archive FTP sites. WAIS server method introduced. Tim Berners-Lee suggest a hypertext protocol for CERN references. There are 100,000 hosts on the Internet.
1990: Hytelnet index of telnet sites developed (Peter Scott, U. Saskatchewan). Mitch Kapor founds Electronic Freedom Foundation. ARPANET expires.
1991: U. Minnesota demonstrates first Gopher Client-Server architecture. VERONICA and JUGHEAD quickly follow.
1992: Delphi commercial network offers "e-mail" accounts and Internetwork servioce.
1993: Marcd Andressen at NCSA leads a team to develop Mosaic for browsing hypertext, which became Netscape.
1994: Michael Dertzous, Tim Berners-Lee and others form the World Wide Web Consortium. "www" exceeds traffic of "telnet" connections. Jpanese Prime Minister goes on-line.
1995: Sun launches JAVA. Real-Audio real-time broadcasting introduced. Thousands in Minneapolis lose connecxtion because transients start a bonfire under a bridge and melt fiber-optic lines. Vatican comes on line.

I guess its been pretty much downhill since then.