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24-Apr-06 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: Review: my newest washtub bass
Subject: RE: Review: my newest washtub bass
to GutBucketeer...

i've sold a few, NOT enuff to quit the Post Office.
I'm very lazy about having to carry things, at first i made custom wooden wedges to lift the washtub... i sold a few of those sets too (perhaps other WTBs are lazier than i)
I sold one to a guy that collects basses and owns a Bass store in Detroit, the HE has one for sale in his store (NOT mine) so i had to do something a bit different than his...
THATS why i carved images in the washtub, and it inadvertantly became "the sound hole"...
smaller holes away from the round-face-plate seems to be good.
I include 3 "ropes":
1. cotton (warmth)
2. nylon cord (loud, but percussive when hit)
3. heavy twine (perfect sound, but it hurts!)

i dont like .80 weed whacker nylon because it streaches so much
and the other heavier gauges are usually orange (yuk)!

i recently listed that bass in Ebay,
this is a very interesting experiment.