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Posted By: Amos
02-Feb-00 - 09:58 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 3
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 3

Fred Dyer's Bees



In a faroff lane, lined with sugar cane
Where the honeybees go walkin'
In a big white van, came a science-man,
All worked up to do some stalking
As he drove along, he hummed a song
And thought of hives and honey!
For he'd had a dream, and dreamt up a scheme
That would earn him lotsa money!

Chorus:    Ohhhhhhh the buzzing of the Queen on the radar screen!
                The flapping of transistors!
                And the glue that binds on the bee's beehinds
                Of the drones and all their sisters!

Now this science lug was in love with bugs
And was handy with the solder!
He drummed up a grant, by composing cant
'Bout the queen bee, and her daughters
There's no way to know how he flung the snow
In his guileful composition
But it sure was hot, cuz the fellow got
A rich research position!


So he bought  himself a six-foot shelf
Of scopes and lab things fancy
And equipped with these, he went hunting bees
With a postgrad aide  named Nancy.
They would grab the drones from their waxy homes
As they left for work, Fred gottem!
With epoxy glue and a diode or two
They would wire up their bottoms!


Now its hard to tell what this science swell
Is learning from these workers!
Cuz him and Nan they sit back in the van
Watching 'scopes and eating burgers.
Yelling "North!" and "whoa!"  on the radio
As their labmates sweat for hours
Running zig zag trails through the hills and dales
While the bees make calls on flowers!


Now this fella Fred has got quite the head
FOr acquiring research dollars
And he'll run this show where the honeybees grow
'Til someone tips off the scholars
Then he'll grab a flight, in the dark of night
And a new girl, named Amanda
And theyll make a try, tracking tsetse flies
For the gummint of Rwanda!

Ohh, the buzzing of the Queen on the radar screen
The flapping of transistors!
And the glue that binds to the bees beehinds
On the queen and all her sisters!