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Posted By: Wesley S
25-Apr-06 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Learning to love a 'bad' song
Subject: Learning to love a 'bad' song
Recently our trio started working on a song that I've never liked. Our guitar played picked the song – it's for a gig where we are basically backing him up. It's a show for a social group of his. So even if I didn't like the song I felt obligated to work on it regardless.

To me it's one of those songs that's been done too many times by too many people. The chorus is sappy and many people hammer it into the ground until it sounds like a dirge. It's my least favorite song by this particular composer – anything else in his catalog is an improvement.

Well we've worked on it for a couple of weeks – and it's starting to grow on me. First I started enjoying the chord structure { I'm only singing on the chorus } and then I started listening to the words. I started enjoying the story and structure of the song itself. And once we settled on a tempo that was a little faster than what I'd heard before it started to loose it's dirge type quality. Now I'm actually enjoying the song.

It makes me think that there are different ways to look at songs. Some – but obviously not all songs – can be transformed with a little work. Have any of you had similar experiences ?