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Posted By: lloyd61
03-Feb-00 - 06:52 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 3
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 3
Where are you going, how long will you stay?
I'll follow you, little sister, even if it takes all day.,
You will never be out of my site. I have you in toe
You are tethered to me by a little electro.
You see, I have been hired to spy undercover,
I have been hired by your jealous Queen lover.


Queen Bee, Queen Bee, There way to small
The Drowns may be cheating and sneaking around
But I can't follow them all, all over town

I followed you up fifth, to a hot little flower,
There with great passion her nectar you devoured
I saw it all, my report will be brief
I watch you steal her pollen, you little sister thief
Then on to the next without giving much thought
Have you no feelings for the damage you have wrought.