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Posted By: GUEST,Danielle Clode
26-Apr-06 - 03:12 AM
Thread Name: ADD: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song (Otway)
Subject: RE: ADD: Killers of Eden - Killer Whale Song (Otwa
Well this is the "overly cautious zoologist" here from the Killers in Eden doco. It's not that I "wouldn't conceed" that the wear marks on Tom's teeth weren't caused by rope lines (it's a very attractive idea which I believed for a long time myself). But the truth is, every other old dolphin/whale skull in museums around the world has exactly the same wear pattern. Bit suspicious, heh? It seems more likely that those neat little grooves are actually cavities along what would have been the gum line. Tom certainly might have taken the lines in his mouth, but his teeth provide no proof one way or the other.

As to the other, quite seperate, issue of whether Tom was killed by an abcess when his tooth was yanked out. Yes, that does seem quite probable given the amount of bone distortion as the dentist noted (yeh - he was a normal dentist not a forensic scientist).

I know the old saying about never spoiling a good story for the sake of the truth, but as Greg pointed out earlier, in this case the truth is an even more amazing story than any of the myths. A healthy dose of skepticism often reveals an even brighter core of truth.