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Posted By: Anonny Mouse
27-Apr-06 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
Subject: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
OK--I've HAD it with all this drilling for oil, no-oil, 75.00 a barrel oil, outrageous gas prices CRAP. I don't care WHAT anyone says about the cost of living index in 1973--Even at my meager income, the proportion that went to fill my tank with gas was NOT what it is today.

Drill the dang ANWR now (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). Yeah, Bullwinkle and Rocky may have to move a mile or so. Do you KNOW how much actual LAND is involved in drilling a well, and making it functional? It isn't what all the treeghuggers would have you believe.

Is the answer letting the nut-job asswipe running Iran dictate the oil market? the Stock Market? The local Exxon/Mobil station's prices? Well-he IS! I feel like "Network"--"we won't take it anymore!!!". Don't give me that jingoistic argument of what they pay in Europe. They also pay $5.00 for a Big Mac, and $88.00 for Levis' jeans. Yeah--lets all base our economy on that!

Fact it, we have more oil reserves than anyone knows. Until cars like the Prius, and othe Hybrids are the RULE rather than the exception, this getting us by the shorthairs in the middle east is simply unacceptable.

We ARE conserving, dammit! We DO have less polluting, less gas hogging cars!! We DON'T emulate petrolium pigs. Get the freakin oil we need from OUR OWN resources, and tell the Emirs, Dictators, Islamic-radical assholes to shove it! Oh yeah, I just filled a Mazda 4-Cylander "6" with $32.00 worth of gas for a freakin' $3.27 a gallon. It has a whopping 12 or so gallon tank. I'm MAD AS HELL, AND I WON'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!