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Posted By: Bunnahabhain
28-Apr-06 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
You really want cheaper Gasoline -Note, Gasoline, NOT oil- then Build refineries. A severe lack of refining capacity is a major factor in rasisng gasoline prices in the US.

You want cheaper Oil, then tell Saudi Arabia to drill lots more wells. It's the easiest, and hence cheapest*, place to get a new oil well on line fast, and they have the infrastructure in place

You want to do something sensible? Get a small car that will do 50+ miles per gallon.

* IIRC, the actual cost to pump oil out of the ground in Saudia Arabia is 5-8 dollars a barrel. This is far lower than anywhere else........Well, probaly excepting the other oil producing counties of the Persian Gulf.