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Posted By: GUEST,AR282
29-Apr-06 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!

Express yourself in November but don't look to the dems to drill ANWR. It will never happen. Even those in Congress who say they are for it have no intention of drilling ANWR. It's a political gambit. They know it would be stopped and that gives them the ammo to say to their constituents, "Look everyone, we tried to bring you more oil from Alaska but the treehuggers won't let us!" When you know damned well if there was really any oil up there, they'd be drilling it right now.

What I would do in congress is tell the drill advocates, "You want to drill ANWR? Go ahead. But you better make sure you know how much it will cost, you better make sure there's going to be a lot of oil--A LOT of oil--and god help you if you spill any and cause another Exxon Valdez because if you're just blowing smoke up our ass about this, we will take it out of your hide. So go ahead and drill." Nothing would happen.

Let's face it, oil is high because Bush invaded Iraq and disrupted production from the second largest known oil fields. I don't know why people have trouble seeing that. All I keep hearing about is China and India causing the shortage. No, the U.S. is causing the shortage by being an inexcusable oil-hog and for being an inexcusable aggressor nation with its head up its ass.

But your attitude is what makes me sick about America. "Drill, people, so I can live comfortably. I don't care what happens anywhere else as long as I'm getting what I want." We've had enough of that shit. Grow up.