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Posted By: JohnInKansas
29-Apr-06 - 11:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: What tree is this, please?
Subject: RE: BS: What tree is this, please?
Re: Wisteria -

A previous owner, among the many malicious incompetent stupid things he/she accomplished, planted a wisteria in the back yard. The main "trunk" is now about 7 inches in diameter. It is occasionally "spectacular" for a brief period of bloom, but for the most part it's an invasive and indestructible pest.

Roots from this monster have popped up, with sprouting new surface vines more than 150 feet from the parent plant. Within a radius of about 100 feet, I chop out at least 50 or more "new plants" each year, counting only ones not too large for the lawnmower to nip back. It climbs the side of the house, and has, without assistance, pulled the cable TV line down, extracting the mounts by pulling out the 3" screws. (As we don't have cable connected, that's one of the minor benefits.)

I also have to have the sewer line routed, on average, 1.34 times per year because the roots are invasive there.

Not something I would suggest you encourage; but there seems to be no way to discourage one. Once established, "pruning back brutally" is a recommended maintenance step to encourage more vigorous growth. It works.