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30-Apr-06 - 02:58 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
Subject: RE: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Mu
I feel misunderstood and I just have to try again.

Once upon a time a folk evening included singing and playing. The ammount of each depended on the artists available, but you could almost depend to it that there would be some variety in the evening. Some Blues, some Sea Shanties, some tunes and some other stuff.

Amoung the tunes I used hear in those long gone days was one Irish dance tune called "The Job Of Journey Work" which would occasionaly turn up being played on the Tinwhistle, or "The Sally Gardens" usualy played on an Accordion. It ain't that complicated to explain, so I am hoping the reader might recall those days and those that don't might like to get load of Floggin Molly for guidelines.

Later after we had been Chieftainified we ceased to hear anything BUT Irish tunes and only CHIEFTAIN settings or versions.

So when I go out here in the US to a jam and begin to play on the Timwhistle "The Job Of Journeywork" invariably I get interrupted with various expert comments as to me being 'wrong'

It turns out that the Chieftains recorded this tune in their own peculiar fashion WHICH IS NOT like the version in most books I ever seen and not like the version recorded and played all over the place before their time.

But its not JUST this tune. There used be a popular jig tune we called "The Cat In The Corner" which sounds vaguely like "The Rakes Of Kildare" BUT ISN'T THE SAME TUNE, and is far far better and fun to play as well. Several times I have been stopped with comments like ' we don't play IT that way here' and the expert goes off into the key of Aminor with "The Rakes...".

In fact if I were to list the whole shebang of tunes it would cover several pages.

Yes Irish dance tunes make for a little bit of variety but not just CHIEFTIAN versions, and yes Irish tunes make for more variety if they are NOT Chieftain versions. But more tunes should also include the many fine trad English ( Morris etc ), Welsh ( example Morfad Rhudlan SP?), Scottish ( all pre Cheiftain times are unpolluted eg Jack Evans ), ragtime tunes, gypsie tunes ( since the fiddle is now popular in Folks meetings) and so on.